Aviation safety – aircrush database


On http://aviation-safety.net/ you can find information regarding airline safety, safety assessment actions, and passenger safety.

You also search an air-crush database updated every week, that contains descriptions of over 12,200 airliner, military transport category aircraft and corporate jet aircraft safety occurrences since 1943 till present.

The database can be accessed in different ways:
» Type indexes: Jets, Turboprop aircraft and Piston aircraft
» Geographical region/country index
» (contributory) Cause index
» Airlines index (alphabetical listing by country)
» Airport list: departure/destination airports for accident/hijacked flights
» Registrations list

You can also access statistics of air-incidents:

  • Statistics by period
  • Statistics by flight phase
  • Statistics by flight nature
  • Statistics – worst accidents
  • Statistics – geographical breakdown